Belly full of courage

I didn’t know wether it was the satiated hunger, the afternoon sun, the comfort food or all of the above combined, but I felt at ease and relaxed as I roamed aimlessly through town.


The battle tent appeared before me without me even realizing it, and this time I decided to take a look around inside, see what all the fuss was about.

The inside was odd, reminding me of an amusement park where every surface seemed rubbery.

There was a long counter with a man in a white lab coat. He was the one writing in a tablet as people passed by him either going in or out of the double doors behind him, where I assumed all the action took place.


Some people were walking about, others were just leaning against the walls, scanning all the trainers that passed before them. One of such bystanders was a large man in a sailor suit, a very polite man of the sea. He made sure to greet every single person he could, I was no exception.

As soon as our hands touched, the man shouted “one hundred!!”. He jumped a couple of times and twirled on the spot. His hands reached inside his bag and he offered me a small box with a bow. I was confused.

He said I was the hundredth person he came into contact with today, and so I was entitled to a gift, the extraordinary TM41, also known as Torment.


There was something off about his smile, he seemed more relieved than happy that he was giving me this gift.

I was about to inquire further, but the man simply thanked me for my time and sent me on my way, greeting yet another trainer and mouthing the number one to himself.

The ambience was beginning to get to me and I didn’t like it, there was definitely something off about this whole tent but I didn’t want to ruin my mood by venturing any further. I didn’t want to ruin my digestion, so I left the premises and decided to head for the outskirst of town.



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