Cold smile

The smell of grass was inviting and I couldn’t help myself. Perhaps I’d had grown addicted to battling wild pokémon because I found myself missing… no, craving it.

I entered the patch of tall grass quickly, anxious for my first encounter. I was not left wanting.


The tall blades of grass shook closer to me and I could see little puffs of smoke rising through the air. They didn’t last though, quickly dissipating after clearing the folliage.

The air got colder and I got a feeling that it wasn’t smoke I was seeing, but very cold air, there was an ice pokémon coming.

Shelly didn’t wait for the wild pokémon to appear, he jumped out of his ball and stood fast, awaiting the incoming battle.


A cold breath came upon me as the blades of grass parted and a white pokémon appeared. Tiny eyes and a sweet smile could be seen atop a cone shaped body. My pokémon smiled back at his opponent, almost as if greeting each other.

I took advantage of this distraction and threw a pokéball at the white pokémon. It didn’t struggle at all and was soon caught.


Shelly however was not pleased with me. He did return to his pokéball but not without giving me a slight hit on my waist. Looked like he was addicted to the excitemente of the battles as well.


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