I looked around in my bag for something to eat or drink and found one of those soda pops I had been offered at the beach house. It was just what the doctor ordered and I drank every last drop.

There was no place to deposit the empty bottle so I closed it and put it back in my bag, so as to properly dispose of it later.


There was a musical sound when I put moved stuff around to make room, one that I did not recognize. I searched inside with my fingers until I found and grabbed the source, a small bell. It was the soothe bell I had been given earlier in order to evolve Shelly.

His ball shook and he was now standing in front of me, jumping and reaching out with his arms. I had completely forgotten about giving him the item.


There was only calm after I tied the little bell around his neck, after which he smiled, hugged me tightly and then went back inside his ball.

I didn’t know if it was due to the bell itself or because he finally got what he wanted, but Shelly seemed more peaceful and compliant… at least for now.


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