Scaly attitude

The blades of grass started to rustle all around me, annoucing the arrival of another wild pokémon, and yet, I did not see it anywhere. I could hear it running around me and caught occasional glances of its silhouette, but that was as far as it went. I think it was studying me.


The blades parted and the little critter finally showed himself. It was a small dinosaur with tusks, a very cute one… his attitude was not.

He grunted, scraped the ground with his feet and charged at me.

I managed to dodge him the first time, bu the second time he knicked me on the leg with his tusk.

It was only then that I wondered what in the world was I doing, facing a pokémon without aid. I’d gotten so used to Shelly jumping out preemptively that I didn’t think to bring out a pokémon now that he hadn’t.


The wild one got ready to charge me again and I grabbed a pokéball instinctively, it was Shelly.

He appeared almost right in front of the wild pokémon, catching it by surprise and barely giving him room to maneuver.

Shelly stepped forward and growled, something that caught the other pokémon off guard. It looked like he wasn’t used to facing aggressive opponent.

This created an opening and I threw a pokéball, hitting the pkémon in the head and capturing it successfully.


Shelly was really pleased with himself as he jumped and shook the bell around his neck. He then bowed to me and got back in his pokéball.

I put away the recently caught pokémon and checked my pokénav for any info on him. I had caught myself an Axew.


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