Such a shock

The air was completely still as the hairs on my arm stood to attention. There was elcetricity in the air and no clouds in sight, that could only mean an electric pokémon was approaching.


I reached for Splash’s ball, but it was the ball of Shelly that shook itself out of my belt and released the pokémon within.

My togepi wanted to fight at all costs, wanted to evolve.

The wild one appeared and was of the electric type, as expected. The yellow and green fur crackled with several sparks running along the torso, right up to the large head.

Both pokémon traded threatening growls and looked ready to lunge at each others throats. The newcomer struck first. He didn’t move but I could see several sparks running up his body, gathering on his head.


The attack was fast, so much so that I could not follow it. Lucky for us, the level discrepancy made the damage almost negligible.

Shelly just smiled, looking at the recently closed pokéball I had thrown, seizing the moment of attack and the distraction it entailed.

The ball twitched twice before the wild pokémon finally conceded and was captured. Shelly went back into his ball and I picked up the new one, checking it against the pokénav and discovering information about the electrike I had caught.



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