Family outing


The road beyond was wide open and inviting. There was not much day left but I could still venture out a bit more before resting.

There was noise up ahead and I saw a woman laughing, gesturing across the street. I approached and noticed a young man holding a child, dressed up as pikachu. The little one let go of whom I assumed was his father’s hands and clumsily crossed the street until he fell in the arms of the smiling woman, his mother.


The child called out “mommy” and kissed her on the cheek as she hugged him tightly.

Both father and mother crossed the street and shared a big, happy family hug. The kid then looked at me and called me over repeatedly with his hand.


It was only after I was very close that I noticed two pokéballs in his hand.

The parents put him down and encouraged him to release the pokémon inside.

They stood up after the simultaneous release and both looked at me expectantly. It seemed like I was facing a family in battle.


I called on kirlia and Splash to help me, and they were more than a match for the several cute pokémon they used to fight me. None of them met their end, being recalled right before their life was extiguished. Igglybuff was the only one that lasted longer against my allies, but int the end he was also defeated.


They showed no anger or sadness over the loss, but were in fact as happy as before with the mother just stating that they should train their pokémon more and the father jokingly accusing me of having no compassion or pity.

The woman said they deserved a rematch and touched her pokénav to mine, exchanging our contacts.


Laughter filled the air as the kid was thrust in the air and kept asking his parents for another battle. A request they denied due to the late hour and the need for rest.

They went into Slateport and left me alone once again, exploring the dusk.



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