Trick… or treat?


The night had settled in by the time I came across a small house on the road.

A small plaque stood outside, advertising the wondrous “Trick house”. Perhaps they would provide me with some shelter and save me the trouble of having to go all the way back to town.


I knocked but got no answer, so I carefully let myself in to face an empty and very cosy room.

There was a small table in the center with several fluffy pillows around it. I approached it, sat down in one of them and looked around, no one appeared.


I stretched my legs, trying to get a more comfortable position but without much success. There was a large block, something hard and large under the table. The several kicks did nothing to remove this obstacle so I looked down and saw… I don’t know what. It looked like a distortion.

It groaned and started spewing questions. How did I know to look there? How did I know he was there?


I quickly got up and took a few steps back. Something rose up through the table and moved to the side. A lage sheet dropped, painted with several familiar patterns from around the room.

A balding adult man appeared from beneath and introduced himself as the greatest man of mystery in all of Hoenn, the “Trick Master”.


I introduced myself and he said that he knew who I was and why I was here, to face his challenge. That all I needed was a good rest and after that Iwould be ready to tackle whatever he threw at me.

I was invited to stay in one of the beds that were suddenly visible close to one of the walls, but that I should eat first. A large meal seemed to appear out of nowhere on the table. The smell and look of it made my stomach growl.


We sat down and had a very pleasant dinner, after which the man disappeared behind a panel, leaving me with very low lighting and a cosy bed waiting for me.


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