One way out

I hadn’t slept so comfortably since I had left home. The bed was exquisite, both in comfort and temperature. It was actually impressive, almost like the bed itself adapted to my every need.

One of the edges was torn open from overuse and I could see a variety of feathers and some of them shone with pokémon power.


The room remained unchanged since the night before with one small exception, the front door was nowhere to be seen. No door, window or any other exit was visible.

I took a lap around the room to try and make some sense of what was happening… to no avail.

The only other major difference was the poster, the one where the self entitled “Trick Master” had disappeared. Where once there was nothing but white, there were now letters spelling out the word “Passage”.


My hands wondered around the lower corners and found what I was looking for, one of them was loose and I could feel a breeze escaping.

The poster came off quite easily, revealing a doorway, a passage out of the room.

I stepped through and faced what at first glance seemed to be a labyrinth. The doorway closed behind me.


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