The first hurdle

The first corridor was extensive, covered in bamboo panels from top to bottom and some of them radiated a soft white light. It narrowed and widened several times before coming to a wall where a teenage girl was leaning, waiting, chewing and popping bubblegum, loudly. She had her headphones on and was staring at the floor.


She looked at me after a few seconds and smiled, took down her phones, straightened up and took out a pokéball.

– So are we doing this or not? I’ve been waiting for hours.

Her pokéball released a magby, and I for once, was able to choose which pokémon I was going to use. It appeared Shelly had finally calmed down.


I called on my intended lineup of pokémon and released Splash onto the battlefield, a more than worthy opponent for the enemy at hand.

Cute as the little fire pokémon might have been, he was no match for my watery friend, who won after a single hit of the water gun.


The teenager recalled her pokémon as the battle ended, avoiding any fatal damage.

She then put her headphones back on and went back to her previous position.

– Why are you so serious? It’s just a game.

A passage opened to my left and she pointed to it, stating I should continue to play.



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