Unusual correspondence

Every passageway from there on was covered in thick, leafy vines, but lucky for me they were vulnerable to one of the HM’s I had acquired.

Cut was more than effective in creating a path, pratically melting away any obstacle, but there were so many blockages, so many paths, so many options that I soon found myself lost.

I came to a dead end, a very small space with a dark wooden box in the middle.


The box was closed but not locked and was easily opened. Inside I found nothing except an envelope, orange in color and scent, a very active scent from the fruit.

I knew not the purpose of this item. Normally one would use envelopes such as these for party invitations, but I had never seen one so detailed. The texture itself reminded me of the fruit.

This was a mystery for later, right now I needed to find my way out of this maze.


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