The code

I made my way back, choosing another path, one blockage I had not cut down before. Two more awaited me before I came upon a dead end, a small room with a tube hung across the wall, a rolled up scroll. I reached for the tube as someone cleared their throat to my left.


– You really didn’t think it would be that easy did you?

The young woman was wearing a school uniform and approached me with a ball in her hand.

– Come on now, time to prove your worth. Only then will I let you have the scroll… and yes, you will need it.

I pulled out a pokéball of my own, Shelly’s, he needed to fight if he were ever to evolve.


– You might wonder who the “Trick Master” is… the answer is obvious if you know where to look.

She released a shroomish to face my togepi, but I wasn’t about to risk his well being just yet. His move set lacked the variety needed to do a proper battle, but it was enough to mark his presence and gain some experience.


I switched him out with kirlia who took a small hit but soon countered with a confusion attack, a very effective and useful strike, inflicting a confusing condition in the opponent. Shroomish attacked and poisoned himself, thrusting him into a near death state.

The trainer switched out her pokémon before it lost consciousness, bringing out one that I didn’t recall having seen before, a snorunt.


I was pretty confident with my kirlia, especially given the level difference… so much so that his type didn’t register with me until it was too late. He was an ice type and with a single move almost took down my pokémon.


I froze in fear of loss but lucky for me, my ally was a capable one and finished the job while hanging by a thread.

Kirlia collapsed as I returned him carefully to his pokéball.


– Looks like you are worthy after all. – said the young woman – I need to do less thinking and more acting if I am ever to become a worthy master.

She grabbed the scroll and handed it over to me, warning me to open it only when needed. That it had a secret code written on it.

I left my opponent and made my way back, trying to find a path out of this maze.



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