The door

I was so spooked by the recent encounter that I barely noticed the big gray door standing in front of me. There was no sign, no handle, no lock but there was something off about its texture, it didn’t look solid.


I got closer and stretched out my hand, touching it ever so slightly. The surface reacted to my touch, like sand. Any traces or shapes stayed visible for a moment before the sand shifted and it returned to the original shape.

This had to be the way out, but how was I supposed to cross it?

Even though the sand moved, it didn’t allow for passage.

I tried tracing the maze, writing several words, drawing images, I even held the orange mail I found up to it, but it had no effect. I considered openeing the scroll I had acquired earlier, but I didn’t want to waste the opportuniy without being absolutely sure.


Running out of options, I wrote down a question, asking if the door could open itself, and as I finished drawing the question mark, the sand rippled, erasing the surface and showing me one large rectangle with twenty five small traces.

Now was the time to open the scroll.

It was made of old paper and started to desintegrate as soons as I opened it. The process was very fast and I was barely able to make out a phrase before it ripped and converted to dust.


I rushed to the door while the memory was still fresh on my mind and wrote down: “Trick Master is fabulous.”

The door shook and all the sand came crashing down, revealing a passage.


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