Maze managed

I walked down a small dark hallway until I came upon a small room, where the “Trick Master ” was waiting for me.


– It seems congratulations are in order. I think you crossed the maze in record time and you managed to take down every single tree I planted, every blockage I worked so hard to create last night. Yes, quite the achievement… for a trainer that is. If I were to compare you to me you’d still be behind my greatness by one, two, three, four, five, six places. you still have a long way to go until you are my equal, but I guess you deserve a reward, a compensation for all your efforts.


He stretched out his hand and gave me a small pink piece of candy wrapped in shiny transparent plastic. He called it a rare candy, a treat that would allow a pokémon to level up without fighting.

I put it away in my bag and started to ask him about the maze, the trainers inside and the ghost, if there really was one.

The man smiled uncomfortably and asked me if I hadn’t just dreamt up this supposed ghost, a joke meant to distract me but I was in no mood for it, and he saw it.


– Ok, ok, here is the truth. There is a ghost. There has been one ever since a year back. Mind you it was not my fault. The trainer I invited to the maze was below average. A miscalculation on my part sure, but I was sure he could handle it… I was wrong. The kid suffered from claustrophobia and wasn’t long before he started to panic.

He then told me that the other trainers, his followers, they tried to help, call him to reason, but he was too far gone by the time they managed to catch up to him. He had entangled himself in some vines and while trying to escape, one of the vines took his last breath.


The autorities were notified an he was let go with a warning and regular checkups. None of them wanted another accident to happen.

A small abra floated up his back an over his shoulder, smiling at me and nodding. He was the permanent advisor, the one that probed every contestant to see if they were able to handle the maze. The man fed him a small treat from his pocket.


– Even with my friend here, there was nothing to be done for the spirit. No one was able to release it from this place. But that doesn’t stop me form building new mazes and challenges. You may have conquered this one but the next one won’t be so easy. Be sure to come back and try it.

He pointed to the exit and bowed. My audience had ended.



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