Exit at the beginning

I ventured into yet another hallway. Pretty straightforward with nothing of note and a single paper thin door at the end.

The paper retracted into the wall after the slightest touch. There was a room on the other side, a space I found most familiar but took me a second to recognize. It was the entrance, the main room, the one I had slept in.


The sound of paper unfurling caught my attention, directing my eyes to the now resealed passage, the same passage I had used to enter the maze and which now remained firmly closed. I looked around and the room was the same as before, with the small exception of the main door, now visible and accessible.

The small abra appeared near the door, smiled at me and opened it with a wave of his hand, disappearing short after.

I crossed the threshold and breathed in some much deserved fresh air. My head however, was filled with doubt and unsettling questions.


Just who was this “Trick Master” and why was he allowed to carry on such a private and dangerous challenge?

The sun was close to its peak as I ventured away from the house.

I peered back and couldn’t help but wonder about the purpose of the maze. It couldn’t be just to test the skill of both maker and challenger… could it? And if it wasn’t, what was the real reason?


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