Lunch spot

An elder woman stepped out of the massive shadow the bike road cast on the path I was supposed to follow. I felt hunger dawn on me.

The woman looked rested and calm. She told me I looked stressed, that what I needed was a good rest in the shade, and I could also make the most of the stone tables and maybe eat lunch. My stomach agreed.


She had been walking for quite a while since she did not possess a bike to travel along the upper route. She didn’t mind though. The low road provided with some pleasant vistas and a leisurely walk.

I thanked the woman for the information and made my way into the shadow.

The coolness provided by the shade was like a balm on my head and after my eyes adjusted to the lack of light, I could make out a couple of stone tables and benches spread out. One of them had a couple sharing a meal, one of the others was a nothing more than a bed for a worn out trainer and two of his pokémon.


I walked towards the third one and set up my lunch. Putting out food for my friends.

Lunch was good, so much so that the lazyness hit me like a ton of bricks and I couldn’t help but doze off a bit. Both Shelly and Splash took my cue and rested with me… me of course taking on the role of a pillow.


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