Shelly woke me up, tapping very lightly on my head.

There was no one around, not a single person or pokémon remained.

The sun seemed to be very near its peak still, but the breeze was cool here and helped me avoid the scolding heat. I had only slept for about fifteen minutes.

Shelly pulled my clothes, trying to get my attention. He looked startled.

I looked in the direction he was pointing and saw a pokémon, or was it? I couldn’t quite tell.


The shape was fuzzy and pink, like a I was seeing through fog. I rubbed whatever sleep was left in my eyes and tried again, but the shape remained the same. Like I was seeing a pokémon, a gastly it seemed, but through fogged up, pink tinted glasses. It was smiling.

I moved towards it, to try and make out just what exactly I was seeing, but he moved further away. For each step I took it moved back, always just out of reach.

Through all of this Shelly kept pulling me the other way but I had to find out what this was, I had this urge to follow this pokémon… thing.

It made its way into a small clearing, where it was now trapped. There was a mountain on one side, just behind the trees and the main road on the other. It had nowhere to run.

I readied an empty pokéball and entered the clearing, only to find the pink pokémon disappearing in mid-air, leaving me alone and confused.

What was I doing again?


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