I could not make heads or tails of it… just what was that weird pink cloud that had vanished? And also, where was I?

I knew I had left the cycle road but had no accurate memory of the route I had taken. It was all hard to remember now.


Laughter filled the air as a green figured approached me from the street. It was a small green-eyed woman, and she had the same pink fog wrapped around her, like a snake.

– Alluring isn’t it? My perfume is so exquisite, so beautiful to the senses that one can’t help but be in awe of it. It’s almos as if it has a mind of its own, but don’t be fooled, it is nothing more than my creation. My perfect creation, so complex in scent that it gained form and colour.


A soft breeze was blowing from the mountain and I could see the pink perfume, rising up from her waist, twitsing around her and then dissipating above her head. So thick was the vapour that it resisted he breeze to a point.

– No one can resist it. The perfect tool to lure all sorts of people and trainers to my side… and who better to test new scents on?

Shelly growled at the woman but I held him back. I wanted a bit more power. I released Kirlia.


– Very good! Down to business. You are lucky that you have the wind on your back, or this would not be a fair fight… for you.

She released a grass pokémon, a petilil. Which was no match for my kirlia, who defeated it in one strike.

The vanquished pokémon was not spared, but instead gathered every single ounce of energy it had and… I don’t know how, vaporized himself.


The woman pulled out a jar and using a suction device gathered every single bit of this new cloud.

– Victory in defeat! Such a powerful battle always rewards me with great new fragrances. I will have to improve our aroma in order to face you again.

She touched three pokéballs on her waste and then turned around, heading back to the road.

– If you ever need to mend your body and mind you should seek me out, aromatherapy is a great treatment. Until next time my darling.

She did not turn her head but instead spole in a loud voice and finished by waving the back of her hand, leaving me alone in the clearing, thinking I should have went back to town for lunch. This was a bit weird even for me.

At least Shelly got a level out of it, even if he was present only for a second. No evolution yet though.


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