Trouble as one


I left the clearing and could see the cycle road to my left, in the direction I decided to take.

Laughter came up to me from behind, the product of two little twin girls that were playing near the main road.


Both of them stopped playing when they looked at me and gestured me to come closer.

I approached slowly but the girls weren’t willing to wait. They stood up and walked up to me. Their steps perfectly synchronized as were their voices when their tiny hands pulled out two pokéballs.


– We play as one, we think as one.

– We battle as one, we win as one.


I have to admit, that moment scared me a little, like something out of a scary movie.

They released two nidorans, a male and a female. I responded in kind with my kirlia ans Splash.


The male nidoran fell quickly, but not before their joint attack poisoned and nearly vanquished my kirlia. I tried recalling it but he wouldn’t leave the battlefield.

The second round defeated the remaining nidoran but the poison status also activated leaving my kirlia hanging on by a thread.

The twins called back their respective pokémon before they expired.


– We lose as one.

– You were lucky this time. We are a lot better than this and next time we shall prove it to you.


They grabbed a pokénav and exchanged their contact with mine.

Laughter reappeared as they went back to their original location and resumed their playtime.



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