The battle was won, victory was gained and Splash returned to his ball. Kirlia did not. She remained as still as she could, severely injured and barely able to stand, but she remained still.

She looked at me, suffering in her eyes and an unspoken plea for help. The poison would not take long to deal the final blow and so I had to act quickly.

Recalling my endangered friend to her ball was out of the question since the slightest movement would trigger the final moment.


I put on my best face, smiling and acting as calmly as I could manage.

One foot was swiftly and precisely put in front of the other as I made haste to cure my friend of her ailment.

I fed her a berry from my bag, one that made short work of the poison that consumed her. It was only after that I gave her a potion to restore vitality. It was only then that she perked up, smiled and returned to her ball. It was only then that I exhaled. This had been a bit too close for comfort.


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