Dad battler


A small pikachu ran up to me and starting tugging on my leg or at least what looked like a pikachu. It was a small kid dressed in a pikachu costume. Smiling and pulling me towards a man, his father.

– That’s ok Richard, come here, come to papa.


Richard let go of me and jumped into his father’s arms. Not for safety of comfort but so he could grab a pokéball from the backpack. He then let himself down and looked at me with a serious face.

– Sorry about this. Would you please battle my son? It’s my pokémon and my son has an insatiable hunger for action. You also don’t have to hold back as he is quite good and my pokémon is strong.


A skitty growled at me after getting realeased from its pokéball. I allowed Shelly to enter the fray momentarily, just so he could gain some experience, it was only after that I switched him out for zorua.


My friend was able to strike a decisive blow, almost deciding this battle in one strike. The enemy however, was not done, it had an oran berry that allowed him to regain some of its health and still managed to charm my pokémon making his actions unpredictable.

giphy (1).gif

Twice I tried attacking, but twice it failed, with zorua just staring lovingly at his opponent.

Skitty didn’t waste these opportunities and inflicted quite a bit of damage before we were finally able to deal some damage, finish off the enemy and break its hold.

giphy 2.gif

The father recalled the pokémon and started to soothe his young boy, who started to cry after the defeat was obvious.

– There there, it’s ok. Next time we will do better. Our victory score is still good enough for the trials so don’t worry.


The kid pulled out a pokénav from within his outfit and headed towards me, stretching his little arms, his eyes still wet.

– It looks like he wants a rematch in the future, so you better train your pokémon.


I touched my pokénav to his and we exchanged contacts.

– Our delightful pokémon won’t be so easy to defeat next time. See you around!


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