Caller action

My opponent resumed their play, not far from where the twins were laughing, and I could see the perfume lady just waltzing around. All of them were just waiting around in this road, almost like they were waiting to ambush wandering trainers…. or maybe I was just being paranoid.


My pokénav sounded off, signaling an incoming call, but the source was unidentified. I answered.

– Hey man, how are you doing? I challenged someone eles after we battled and even though it was close i still lost. Oh, well! This won’t stop me from beating you next time we meet. I’m training harder than ever before. Call me when you come around these parts. See you!


I closed the pokénav and put it away without a single idea about who it was that had just called me.

Well, I just had to make sure and revisit every single trainer I had exchanged contacts with… a list that kept increasing every single day.


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