Fishy business


The road was not that long and I soon found myself facing a body of water and no way to cross it.

I was not alone. There were two men staring into the water, one seemed to be meditating peacefully while the other one was further away and grumbling, if one could call it that. His complaints were so loud that anyone could hear what he was trying to say under his breath.

giphy (1)

He complained about the lack of aquatic pokémon, the fact that his fishing line kept getting snarled up and he even complained about the poor materials of which his pokéballs were made. He then proceeded to blame the water for being to agitated, the weather for being to sunny, the shop that sold his equipment and a bunch of other curses I couldn’t distinguish.

giphy (2)

He started to walk around, kicking the dirt and waving his arms around. It was then that he saw me and came up to me with a smile on his face. Not a happy smile.

– Perfect timing! I’m frustrated and that makes me mean! My equipment might not be up to par but my pokémon surely are, and a battle is just what I need in order to clear my head.

He released a pokémon into the nearby water, a small barboach.


I called on Shelly so he could gather a bit of experience and then replaced him with kirlia.

The level difference helped a bit, and my ally cleaned the floor with his opponent.

Tentacool was the next victim and once again Shelly came out to gather experience, for a little while. When I replaced him with kirlia he was not happy, it was clear he wanted some action.

giphy (3).gif

Kirlia defeated the second pokémon in two strikes, something that did not improve the other trainer’s mood. He let out his third and final pokémon, a feebas.

Shelly came out and this time used metronome, which could backfire in a mortal way. It seemed luck was on my side this time. Shadow ball took out a huge chunk of the enemy’s health. I switched him out with kirlia and this time he seemed pleased with himself.

giphy (4).gif

Feebas got a single hit in before kirlia wiped it out.

– Great! Just peachy! This did nothing to help my score and I’m still boiling mad!

He didn’t recall a single of his pokémon, their energy starting to dissipate. I found myself hating the man. How could he be so careless with his pokémon? So indifferent to their demise. So cold and cruel.


I heard something hitting the water continuously and saw the man punching the water in what was clearly a tantrum.

He didn’t deserve to be a trainer, that much was obvious.


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