The noise, the battle and even the tantrum that scared away any wild animal life in the vicinity, the meditating man remained still with his eyes closed, immune to any outside interference. I had the distinct feeling that the world could end right now and this mand would not notice.

– That was quite a show you put on. You battle like a seasoned trainer.

He did not turn his head or even raise his voice.

– Given your natural talent, I could consider you for the trials if you’d like. However, something tells me you are not interested in such an endeavour, seeing that it will ultimately end in stagnation as a trainer.

I moved next to him and verified that his eyes were sealed shut and his posture remained unchanged.


– The trials are pretty much self-explanatory. But you need to acquire quite a bit of victories in order to be considered.

The water had no way around it and formed a small cove where the waves kissed the shore softly.

– It is only after you win that you are eligible to be chosen for the maze, and even then it is not guaranteed. You have to be among the best and possess a very specific mindset.

I looked back on the road I had just crossed and saw the other trainers standing around, waiting for new opponents.

– Most of them will never see the maze, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to impress me with their power. They have nowhere else to go. This is a dead end unless you have the appropriate HM, a move that’d make a shortcut to Oldale.

I started moving away from the man, bidding him goodbye.

– It was a pleasure indeed. I can tell you have greatness in your future but I can not deny all the students from the pleasure and experience of battling you. They can learn a thing or two from you.

An abra climbed out of his lap and touched me slightly.

– I hope to see you soon. Goodbye.

The scenery changed and I found myself surrounded by hedges. I had just been teleported.


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