Notes and hits


This was great, just what I needed, to cross what seemed to be another maze.

I followed the corridor and had not taken seven steps before I two trainers approached me from the sides.


One of them jumped at me, missing my face with his feet by a few inches.

– Now that is more like it! We finally get to face a trainer with nerves of steel, one who does not cower or flinch at every threat.


A sad melody could be heard in the background and got closer as did the other trainer. He had a satchel across his waist and his fingers danced across a guitar, plucking each note in a precise rhythm.


– Come now, there is no need to act so aggressively towards our guest. So tell us, did you make your own way here? Did you use the shortcut? Or were you just drawn to my guitar’s wailing?

– Sure it was your music. You keep telling yourself that lie if it makes you happy. And I wasn’t being violent, I was just testing his reflexes before we started to have some real fun.


The first trainer was clearly a martial artist and wore a uniform accordingly. A black belt with blue stars was tied around his waist and a similar red one around his head.

The musician reached into his satchel and pulled out a pokéball, as did the fighter from somewhere in his back.

I didn’t wait for them to make the first move and so I released my pokémon before they did. Shelly and kirlia appeared onto the battleground ready and willing to fight. They were instantly met with a voltorb and a riolu who proceeded to growl menacing towards my allies.


In spite of the strong will and longing to fight, I could not allow my little togepi to battle, he would only remain long enough to gain some experience. Or at least that was my intention, but as I’ve grown to expect from my friend, he took the initiative and struck first, using his most valuable and risky move. He used metronome risking his own life in the process, but ultimately having an enormous success, gaining access to the “luster purge” attack, a very effective move. against riolu.

I switched out Shelly for Splash and was so confident in my victory that I didn’t even notice which moves the opponents had made. Kirlia used confusion in order to finish off one of the pokémon, but to my surprise and even though it was effective, the pokémon endured the hit, remaining active with but a sliver of life.


Splash used his mudshot on voltorb and he was quickly recalled from combat before expiring, giving his place to a much more vibrant pokémon, a blitzle.

Riolu hit kirlia for quite a bit of damage and was still able to endure another hit from the confusion attack. Splash repeated his attack and defeated the new enemy with a single hit, causing it to be recalled. The remaining one, no matter how resilient, could not stand long against two, and when the next confusion attack hit he was met with defeat and went back into his pokéball.

Both my opposing trainers retreated slowly, back to their initial spots.


– Seems like your reflexes do you justice. You are an able trainer and were a worthty adversary. This served only as a reminder that I need to adjust my fighting style and that I should make myself more comfortable in these tight quarters.

The guitar sang to me from the other side, where the musician had resumed his melody.

– In times like these I often wonder if I chose the right path, the one that crosses music and pokémon. Maybe I should just turn pro in one of those, instead of trying to master it all… but that just wouldn’t be me now would it? I need to train to a different tune and make the battle my music or otherwise I will never be able to overcome the trials.


I wished them luck in their endeavours and proceeded to find my way out of this maze. The afternoon was coming to an end and I yearned for some well deserved rest.


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