About time

It took me two fights to get out of that little patch of grass, maybe due to its location the pokémon were unusually aggressive. Nothing I couldn’t handle.

None of the pokémon I faced were a match for me or even worth capturing.


By the end of the second battle I was recalling my pokémon when one of my pokéballs started to glow and released its occupant. It was Shelly. He leapt out of his ball and just stood there looking at me, smiling and glowing.

He slowly rose above the ground almost as if he was being pulled up very smoothly. I had to close my eyes when his glow intensified but when I reopened them, there was no longer a togepi in front of me. A slender white pokémon with wings and a cute face had appeared. Shelly had evolved into a togetic.

The battle experience had finally paid off. He flew a few laps around me, clearly pleased with himself and then disappeared into his pokéball.



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