Rearrange and redeploy

The sun disappeared below the horizon and for the first time that day I felt tired, so much so that I couldn’t hold back a mighty yawn. It was time to call it a day.

The trip back into town was fast and without incident, no trainer or wild pokémon wanted to have a late battle.

The pokécenter at Slateport was pratically empty and they were more than happy to provide food and shelter for the night.

I admit I slept like a baby, a very tired baby for more than ten hours. When I woke up the sun was already high in the sky and it wouldn’t be long before the center stopped serving breakfast for the day. I got to a table just in time.


The morning meal was the same as so many others in similar centers but I took my tiime enjoying it and rearranging my team.

First I changed out Shelly for a weaker pokémon, giving him some time off after evolving. I then took out some of the more promising pokémon that were in desperate need of training.

By the end of the meal I had decided on riolu, abra, aron and trapinch. I would only bring two leveled up pokémon just in case I ran into trouble, namely kirlia and zorua.

It was time to level up and a I had a hard working day ahead.


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