I could see what looked like a blue ball atop some tall grass, not far from where I had just picked up an item. No, not a blue ball, it was a hat. There was someone inside that tall grass, probably a trainer since I could hear what sounded like battle sounds. He didn’t seem to be aware of my presence so I began circling around him. For once I was going to be the one to pick a fight.


I had to cross another patch of tall grass for my plan to work, but wasn’t able to do so. A rather loud growl stopped me in my tracks and caught my attention.

There was another wild electrike itching for a battle.


Riolu came out of his ball long enough to get some experience but was soon switched for zorua. This wild opopnent wasn’t much of a challenge and was almost beat down with a single blow, or at least that’s what it seemed.


Electrike countered our attack with a paralyzing move that could very well change the outcome, but luck was on my side. Zorua didn’t let his temporary status stop his attack, one that brought a swift ending to this encounter.


The energetic pokémon started to fade and I was left with an ample pool of experience for my pokémon. Riolu rose two whole levels with it.


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