Silence descended upon the scene and I took that as sign to make my move. The battle my prey had been fighting was over and no pokémon seem to be nearby, so I burst through the tall grass grabbed riolu’s pokéball and in my most intimidating voice challenged my opponent to a battle.


It was only then that I saw who it was that I was attacking. He was younger than me, dressed in school clothes and had a puzzling expression as he looked at me.

I felt ridiculous and dropped the act, apologized for the intrusion and asked if he was up to a battle.

The kid was way ahead of me as he had already released a pokémon.


– I was hoping someone would appear. I have been meaning to try some of the recent pokémon I caught. You’ll do.

His face was no longer puzzled but instead indicated a profound concentration.

I released riolu for a few moments before switching him out with kirlia. The opposing pidove barely made a scratch on my pokémon before he was dealt with in a single blow, well, almost a single blow, it actually took two strikes.


– Interesting pokémon you have there, well trained and competent.

My opponent was scribbling some notes furiously as he released another pokémon, an electrike. This was an electric type and I could use this opportunity to level up aron a bit, and so I released it, not realising that aron was in fact vulnerable to electricity as he was half steel type. Lucky for me my opponent did not make the most of it and enabled me to hit electrike effectively. Yes it was a weak move, especially due to the difference in level, but it did manage to reduce his accuracy.


I called on kirlia again and the battle was decided. The use of confusion hit the mark and nearly brought this event to a close. A second hit turned out to be unnecessary as the target became confused and turned on itself.


The kid didn’t even blink when his pokémon faded out of existence and his pen didn’t stop for one second.


After a few seconds he put his pen down, stored his notebook and complemented me on my pokémon. His face was relaxed once again.


– It is hard to battle with pokémon you just caught, but they did provide some insight into you battle prowess. I hope to see you again in the future.


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