Meeting May


Another battle, another pokémon under my belt and another step forward in the long road to acquire a powerful pokémon team.

The latest entry wasn’t exactly a powerhouse but could be a useful element of my backup team… I should probably start planning a backup team and that meant I needed more options and more leveled up pokémon, Luckily my current roster showed promise as long as I was still able to gain experience for them.


– Hi, Korsu, long time no see!

My feet were moving on their own and I almost clashed with someone, someone who knew me, I had met up with May again.


– Want a rematch? My pokémon grew stronger as I was searching for new ones.

The question was rhetorical since she was about to open one of her pokéballs.

May released a pidove onto the battlefield. True that it was not the most imposing pokémon but its high level made it more than a match for my top players.


I called on riolu, realising too late that he was low on health and paralysed. That was a rookie mistake. I had to get my head in the game.

Kirlia took front stage and quickly dealt with pidove.


May readied her second pokémon and I called on abra so he could get some much needed battle experience.

My opponent was now a panpour, some sort of blue monkey like pokémon. I brought kirlia back and even though the enemy’s level was very close to ours, I was still confindent in a resounding victory, then panpour used bite and took out a huge chunk of kirlia’s health. We couldn’t take another hit like that.


I searched my bag and found a super potion, one item I did not hesitate in using to get my ally back to full health.

It was my hope that May would use other moves, allowing me to attack, but she was relentless, panpour used bite twice more and we were back to square one, even after a successful hit from us that eliminated half of its health.


I had to switch pokémon, the only option being zorua, whom I knew was not vulnerable to dark attacks like bite.

Zorua used pursuit and took out this annoying little pokémon, but not before he used a water move and reduced our health.


I recalled zorua and got ready as May grabbed the last pokéball.

I wasn’t out of the woods yet and if the battle was of any indication so far, the final challenger would be very hard to overcome.



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