Goodbye… for now


My two reliable pokémon were not in a very good state and I was seriously worried about losing one of them, but I wasn’t going to let May know it. I wasn’t going to just hand over her victory.

I picked abra’s pokéball and released him onto the battlefield. It was an obvious bluff but I wasn’t going to show fear or uncertainty, especially if this was going to be my first defeat.


May didn’t seem fazed with my option and released her final pokémon, a level 21 grovyle… the battle wouldn’t be an easy one.

I switched out for kirlia, since I figured his psychic attacks would inflict the most damage on the enemy, but it seemed that this was exactly what they expected. Grovyle used mega drain and forced me to restore my ally’s health, but with what?


I had no potions of any kind left and the berries I currently possessed wouldn’t do the job. My hands searched furiously through the clutter until they hit something solid encased in plastic. It was glass, glass bottles with liquid, the pack of soda pop I had been given at the beach! I had totally forgotten about them.

Kirlia fully recovered with the tasty beverage and was now ready to take on grovyle, even after another use of mega drain.


The use of confusion was super effective, not because of the damage itself, but due to the after effect. Grovyle became confused and could not focus his attacks.

The battle was pretty much over after that, two more hits and her final pokémon was done for.


May recalled grovyle and panpour into their respective pokéballs but paid no mind to the vanishing pidove, not even acknowledging its existence. Well at least she cared enough about some of her pokémon.

– That was quite a battle you put up, your training is starting to bear fruit but don’t think you’ll do as well next time. Still, I think you deserve a reward for your effort.


She threw a small package in my direction which I was barely able to catch.

– It’s an item finder. You just need o plug it in to your pokénav and start to comb the ground for items.

There was in fact a small chip that fit quite snuggly in one of the many slots the pokénav had.


– I should be heading out now. There is still a lot of pokémon I haven’t seen or caught yet and I can’t let myself be beaten by the likes of you. And don’t let this victory go to your head! You should train a lot harder from now on. See you next time!

She then got on her bicycle and rode away as fast as she could.

I had won.


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