Bit by bit


Nothing like a brisk walk in order to melt away all the food, and if per chance I should chance upon some battles, all the better.

I had no such luck. I was almost at the place where I had battled May earlier and there still had been no battles with wild or tamed pokémon.


The weather was clear and I was starting to feel the sting from the sun’s heat… on my hand? No, not the sun but a pokémon, a wild litwick was trying to burn my hand.


I took a couple of steps back and released my riolu… for a few minutes, just to get a whiff of experience. Kirlia took his place on the battlefield and used magical leaf, which even though it had an aesthetically pleasing effect, the damage left much to be desired.


The enemy shrugged off the attack and responded with a confusing ray. Something that didn’t do a lick of damage but caused my kirlia to get seriously confused.


I pondered wether or not to switch out my ally. Kirlia couldn’t manage to focus enough to look at me or soothe my doubts, but I had faith in her and took a risk.


The attack began with the use of confusion and I held my breath for a second, exhaling shortly after the attack succeeded and took out the wild pokémon. Kirlia snapped out of her confusion as the waxy enemy started to disappear and with a single look, thanked me for my trust and faith.


Riolu leveled up from the experience gained and acquired a new move, one which I opted to keep. Riolu forgot quick attack in order to make room for the new bullet punch.



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