Troubles in twos


The path offered no further resistance until I found myself in a corner, there was nothing but tall grass and two people who were almost certainly trainers facing each other. They weren’t talking, just stared intently at one another.

I thought about avoiding them but curiosity got the best of me.

My approach wasn’t subtle but they still didn’t notice me until I was right on top of them, until I crossed their line of sight.

The scenery drastically changed when they noticed me.


One was a collector that almost lost his mind when jis eyes fell upon my pokéball filled belt.

– Could I see your pokémon? Just one look? I bet they’re rare. They are aren’t they? Come on just show me. Now!

A powerful sound swept through us, shaking the collector to his core. He looked up at the other trainer.


– I told you not to do that!

– What? You can’t handle a small strum of my guitar? You know the pokémon love it.

He had blonde spiky hair and his red guitar hung across his bare chest. His black jeans were tattered and he was barefoot.

– I’m sure our new friend here liked the sound didn’t you? Sure he did. I bet he can even handle me at full-throttle.


His fingers danced around the guitar, producing and increasingly loud and aggressive melody. I didn’t dislike it but the collector was red with anger, his only red feature. Both pokéballs in his hands, glasses, a tightly buttoned up shirt that encompassed his wide figure ended in a wide belt where no additional pokéball could fit. His blue creased pants matched perfectly with the colour of his shoes. This was a stressed man, an obsessed one, a complete opposite of the one facing him.

– Don’t you dare go full throttle, not during my battle.

– I think you mean our battle. This newcomer seems more than you can handle.

– Fine! You can be my sidekick. But only this once!… and no loud music!

– Okay okay… I’ll keep it mellow. It’s okay. We can still groove to it… and if our buddy can’t groove, he’ll be left behind.


I backed up a few steps as they joined together, the collector still a little red.

– Come on! Let’s see what you got in your arsenal my dear boy.

I picked two pokéballs and released at almost the same time my opponents did.

My abra and riolu were facing an elekid and a panpour, the same pokémon that had given me trouble in a previous encounter.


I switched them for kirlia and zorua, a duo I hoped would be more than able to take care of business.

Panpour stroke first, hitting my kirlia with his fists several times. Some damage was taken but not to a dangerous extent… and then it was paralysed. I asked myself how it happened only to remember that kirlia had the ability to copy a pokémon’s passive ability, in this case, the one elekid had, which had a chance to inflict paralysis on anyone that touched him.


Zorua hit elekid with a serious blow and kirlia almost took out panpour with a single hit from a confusion attack. Of course the electric pokémon responded with more damage to my kirlia, but zorua took him out of the equation with his next attack. Panpour was suffering from paralysis and was unable to move.



The musician called his pokémon back into the pokéball and readied the next one.

– You sure are groovin’ buddy, but we ain’t done yet!

The collector had a scary look on his face, almost entranced as he gazer upon my pokémon.

– I knew it! I knew you had unique pokémon! Now show me what they can do! I want to see MORE!


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