Three of a kind


The musician’s second ball opened into the nearby water letting out a pokémon called tynamo.

– He may not look like it, but this one is also a shocker!

Kirlia used charm voice and not only did it do a considerable amount of damage to tynamo, but it also knocked out the rival panpour.


The collector didn’t waste any time in recalling his precious pokémon into the pokéball.

– It’s okay, it’s okay. You are still in one piece. Still valuable.

He pulled out another pokéball and released his second pokémon, which I looked a lot like a green panpour. It was a pansage.

– You are not the only one that has rare and powerful pokémon. Go pansage!! Show them your worth!


Zorua used a feint attack on tynamo and ended that part of the battle.

– Well that’s a bummer. Looks like I’m out and you are all on your own.

The musician recalled his pokémon and stopped playing his guitar.

– There now you can finish the battle on your own like you wanted in the first place.

– Finally some peace and quiet! Now I can focus and beat this newcomer.


The thing was, he didn’t account for the fact that this was still technically a two on two battle that became two on one. Kirlia took a huge chunk of life with his confusion attack and zorua finished the confrontation with a decisive cut. Seemed right to end a battle with a plant type pokémon with a move like cut. I giggled at the thought.

The collector was now fuming as he recalled his pokémon.

– You think this is a joke? Is that why you are laughing? You won’t be laughing much longer! I still have a trick up my sleeve.


He pulled yet another pokéball and released a red pokémon onto the battlefield, a pansear, which in my opinion looked like the previous two ones, only red.

I was done with this battle. I had the advantage because my pokémon were already on the battlefield and ready for action. They took out the pokémon in a fast sequence of two attacks. I think pansear didn’t even register them before it was back in the pokéball.

The collector looked exhausted as he complimented me my victory.


– Your pokémon were better, and rarer. I now know what to aim for. Just you wait, next time I’ll be more than ready to take you on! You better not disappoint and bring new pokémon!

His pokénav was already touching mine on my belt before I could even register what was happening.

– There. You have now also been collected. I shall be calling on you in the future.


The musician had resumed playing. He just waved at me and disappeared in the tall grass along with his increasingly loud music.

– Oh no you don’t! Don’t you dare walk away from me you hear? We have unfinished business! UNFINISHED BUSINESS!!

The collector ran off after the musician, his voice could be heard screaming over the loud music. His face was still red.


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