Dream in pink


I had no idea what the trouble with those two trainers was but I was sure glad to be left out of it.

The battle had been intense and longer than I thought, the clouds were gaining that pink tint they sometimes had at sunset. No, not the clouds… a cloud. There was single pink cloud and it was getting closer. A pokémon! One of the weirdest pokémon I had ever seen.


It looked like a cloud, floating aimlessly, but the colours and patterns reminded me of a balloon, those you normally see at a carnival.

I called on riolu to create a diversion so I could try and capture this wild pokémon.

Somehow I think the diversion was unnecessary, since the pokémon barely even looked at riolu and seemed to be just daydreaming.


It was captured on the first try and I know had a munna in my pokémon arsenal. I consulted my pokénav for additional information and it said it was a dream eater pokémon. I didn’t know wether to be impressed or frightened with this notion.


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