Wheel leap


The path circled around, crossing under the bicycle bridge once more, providing much needed shade.

I took a few minutes to rest up and drink water, enjoying the soothing sounds of the water hitting against the rocks, the wind dancing through the grass and the scream of someone falling off the bridge. I was in complete shock.


At first one could only see a shadow getting further away from the structure, but as it grew larger and closer, one could see the distinct figure of a female bike rider.

She landed not too far from me, in one piece, and I could tell from her face that the screams I had heard earlier were those of excitement.


– Wooohoooo! Now that was a rush!!

I couldn’t stop looking at what was clearly a crazy woman. She noticed me.

– Hey, hi! Did you see that? I bet it looked awesome from where you were standing. True it was still a fall, a humiliating loss, but it was still worth it.


She approached me, still on her bike, and tossed a pokéball in my direction. A magnemite came out and it looked as lively as its master.

– Help me battle away this embarassment! Who knows? You might just learn something.

I took her on and released riolu, so he could get some experience before the real fight began. Zorua would be the one that would take care of things.


The opponent got a few hits in, inflicting the status of confusion, somthing to which my pokémon fell victim two times. Lucky for me he still managed to wipe the floor with the metal pokémon.

– That’s the spirit!! Now for round two!


The woman recalled her magnemite and released a meowth. I followed suite and released my abra before switching with kirlia. A mistake I almost paid dearly since I did not know the enemy possessed the move bite, extremely effective on pscychic types. Kirlia had to be switched out as soons as possible before it kicked the bucket.

Zorua took his place and ended the perilous battle with a few precise moves, even after meowth made him flinch with his bite attack.


– No no no… this won’t do at all. I should’ve been feeling better and not further humilliation. You’re no help. I’m leaving.

She turned her bike around and disappeared in the tall grass.



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