Fortune faded


That encounter had been intense. The cycling woman was very energetic and competitive, but gave off some weird vibes.

I was so caught up in my own thoughts about the recent battle that I tripped on something and almost fell flat on my face. It was a half-buried, empty pokéball.

– You won’t pick it up. Not yet anyway.


The voice came from somewhere in the tall grass and stopped me midway from reaching the ground and grabbing the ball. I couldn’t see who it was that was talking.

– Relax. You are in no danger. I shall reveal myself soon enough. I have seen our encounter.

The blades of grass barely moved when a young man with purple hair emerged.

– Hmmm… you are smaller than what I expected. No matter. I have foreseen your every move, your every intention. I cannot lose, and you are unable to win.


His clothes were loose and seemed to be always moving as if rustled by a subtle breeze.

His hands moved through the air in some precise movements, almost like some sort of martial art. When he stopped, his right palm was facing me and I could see movement along his arm. A pokéball! It was floating, spiraling around his arm until it stopped dead center in his hand.

I pulled my own pokéball and we released our pokémon at the same time, my riolu against his chingling.


Now there was a pokémon that seemed to be an easy target, and riolu thought the same since he attacked with bullet punch, to little or no effect.

The enemy was so bored with the battle that it yawned. No, not bored, it was an attack, and it made my ally extremely drowsy.

I switched him out for zorua and he finished the battle with one effective hit. It was only after the attack that I realized my pokémon’s health was close to depletion.


The opponent retrieved his pokémon and turned his back on me.

– You can’t fight fate. I know this… but I still had to try.

He disappeared in the grass, and once again, not a single blade moved.

– Bright lights are the most attractive and your future is among the brightest… but be wary of the shadows you cast.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. IRL_sean says:

    is this ironic?


    1. eoriolau says:

      No irony intended.


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