One, two… so far.

Well, he was right. I had to battle that fortune-teller… psychic… trainer before I could pick up the half buried pokéball.

It was only when my hand closed around it that I realized it was no pokéball and I had no idea about what it was that I had just picked up.


Thankfully my pokénav was more than helpful in that department.

An elixir was an item that could restore stamina to all the moves of a pokémon. That was the item.

I put it away and went on my merry way only to stop a few steps later, close to falling again. I had tripped over another item, and yes, this time it was a pokéball.


I honestly didn’t see the need for May’s gift, the item finder. I could find plenty all on my own. Perhaps I could sell in the next town.


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