Same energy, different colour

The water gave way to land and that was it, I had finally finished crossing the narrow, grass filled path to the other side of the water. The hard part was over, clear sailing from here on out. The grass grew shorter and there were no trainers around.


Something jumped out of the grass. Something small and yellow, and laughing. I could hear it giggling. It was a pokémon and he was jumping all over the place.

At first it appeared to be random but then he started circling me and I noticed the hairs on my arms were standing up, it was creating static.

I moved away before I got shocked but the pokémon just kept up with me, right until I left the grass all together. It kept circling me and now I could see him clearly, a small, yellow pokémon. Almost like a plusle but with bue where the red ought to be.


I decided to add it to my roster and released riolu. He was more than happy to oblige and tried his strongest attack, to little or no effect. I think it tickled the wild pokémon, since it just started laughing louder and rolling on the floor.

My hand grabbed an empty pokéball and threw it, hoping it would catch the happy pokémon off-guard.


The ball closed, twitched once, twice… and the pokémon was captured.

A brief look at my pokénav showed me that it was a minun. Considering the name, perhaps it is meant to be plusle’s partner.


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