Knowledge of the ages

I smoothed out the dirt, dusted off my hands, stood up and got ready to move on… and nearly headbutted an old man. The scare made me back up quickly and fall.

He was just standing there looking at my dumbfounded face while I scrambled to get back on my feet.


The man didn’t say a word, a sound, or show any emotion at all. His face was blank.

He had a cane but did not seem to lean on it. His glasses were large but very thin. His black clothes looked brand new. Every aspect of him seemed to be thought out but none of it was as impressive as his posture.

He did not have a humpback or even the slightest slouch. If it weren’t for his snow white beard and abundante wrinkles on his face, I would’ve not called him an elder.


I got up and tried to engage him in conversation but he just turned around, walked a few steps and stopped. I approached him and he once again moved away. This went on two more times until I started to think he was making fun of me.

I approached him one final time and he turned around, facing me and looking me in the eyes.

He then spoke in the most firm voice I had ever heard.


– Two roads, one above, one below… A road each for people and pokémon. Perhaps that is right and fair.

He touched my shoulder and a new fire lit up behind his eyes as he looked into mine for a few seconds and I couldn’t help but get the feeling that he was trying to tell me something.

He let me go, his eyes returned to their unfocused state and he started to walk away from me.

Just who was this man?


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