Rock fishing


Boy was I happy to get out of that small house. No, not happy. Relieved. Every breath seemed fresher and wider. I don’t know who that woman was but if her mere presence and voice commanded this impact I dared not wonder what would happen if one got on her bad side.

I could see the sun starting to set on my left. The orange light sparkling on the water, making the scene all the more soothing.


I decided to get closer, maybe climb that rock that was blocking my view.

I touched it and thought the texture strange, but still got ready to climb. Hands grabbed hold and I lifted a foot for support.

– Hey! Don’t sneak up behind me like that!


I fell on my back as confusion flooded my brain. Was the rock talking? No, it wasn’t a rock, it was a large man in fishing gear. Climbing someone was definitely not okay. At least not without their consent.

– What’s this? No apology? Get up boy! Get up and provide me a challenge to heat up my blood! That is the least you can do!

His rugged hands grabbed a pokéball and released the pokémon inside. The small blue bell of a tentacool floated in the nearby water.


The man looked at me, his dark eyes almost commanding me to release my pokémon. So much that I did it even before getting up.

Riolu was on the field and eager for some action, but I knew he was not yet able to take on someone on his own, even someone of the same level, especially considering the incompatibility of the types. Steel was not a good attack to use against tentacool, but I still let him go at it, flex his muscles.


Zorua took his place, hitting the enemy with cut and dealing massive damage but he also got hit with a toxic attack, one that inflicted poison status.

I had to heal my ally but I had no antidotes, be it artificial or of the berry kind, so I could only restore his health and to that effect, I used a soda pop. Tentacool didn’t last long after that, but my opponent wasn’t done yet. The fisherman pulled out another pokéball and released a large pokémon, one that caused big waves when it hit the water. It was a wailmer.


Yes the sheer size was intimidating and yes zorua was still poisoned, but as it turns out, it was only for show. Zorua used a feint attack twice and wailmer was done for.

My opponent recalled the big pokémon as he had the previous one and readied another one.


– You gonna keep on fighting while sitting or you gonna get up and act like a man? I’ve been enjoying our time together but I’m not done yet. Don’t you go and disappoint me now.

I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks as I got up.

– There. That’s better. Now let us continue shall we?



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