Hooked on a feeling


The fisherman released another pokémon. This time a remoraid.

The heat of the battle was getting to me. Confidence and audacity filled my brain and to be honest, sort of clouded my judgement but I didn’t care, I was on a roll, so I kept zorua on the field. He was still suffering a bit from the poison but he could still attack at least once more before I had to switch him out.

Zorua finished off the opponent in one strike of his feint attack. I celebrated and recalled zorua, as did the fisherman to his own.


Not even giving it pause, I released kirlia, who looked kind of down and weak, but she could still manage a battle.

The other trainer hesitated a bit when he saw my pokémon, probably thinking twice about his chances, of which he had none. He then proceeded to release a carvanha on the battlefield.

A truly intimidating pokémon, but it was no match for my kirlia who took him out with a single blow from magical leaf.

I recalled my kirlia and did a bit of a victory dance. My opponent just stood there, looking at me, in total disbelief about his defeat… or so I thought.


– Well done young one. You have provided quite the entertainment, quite the show. Even if it did turn sour at the end.

I didn’t understand what he meant and my face probably showed it.


He turned around and resumed his previous position, facing the water with his fishing pole.

– You haven’t lost yet have you? You haven’t felt the cold sting of mortality upon your pokémon. It shows.

I stopped dancing.

– Sure you at least have some respect for your pokémon and treat them like your equals, but you are losing that perspective. Your last two pokémon were, and still are, very close to their demise, and you have wasted precious time gloating about this victory instead of providing aid. Your victories have made you arrogant and careless.


I couldn’t believe my ears… this man was such a sore loser. I turned around and started to walk away.

– I do hope you manage to look in the mirror and avoid the would-be reflection that is forming. It will be a waste of talent if you lose yourself. Safe travels young one.


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