Inner danger

That old man didn’t know what he was talking about. I was fine. We were fine. Sure my pokémon were a little bent out of shape but the damage wasn’t all that serious and my allies were more than capable and tough.

I walked towards the closest town, eager to get inside the center and settle in for the night.

I heard a wimper after a few steps. I stopped and looked around but could not locate the source.


A few steps later I heard another wimper, a louder one, and yet I still could not locate the source.

It was only then that I noticed a slight tremor on my waste, and a pulsating glow coming from below. It was one of my pokéballs.

I grabbed it and held it up to my pokénav, the pokémon inside, Zorua, was about to expire from continuous poison damage. The screen advised me to seek medical attention immediately if I wished to keep my pokémon.

I was sure he could keep it together until the next town.

I took a few steps more and the ball started flashing red, the pokénav screen displayed the word critical in bright red.


It seemed there was no more time or option but to teleport back to the last center. I wasn’t about to lose any of my arsenal and get a blemish on my pokénav register for being such a careless trainer.

I called on abra and had him teleport us back to the center.


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