Caller number one

I was way too tired and it was way too dark to make my way back to the other end of the cycling road, so after healing my team I took shelter in the center for the night.

I slept good, like a baby, and it showed. I didn’t even hear the alarm clock the following morning. It was almost noon when I got up.

No worries, I was in no rush to get where I was going.

I took a long shower, ate and then set went on my merry way, retracing my steps.


I crossed paths with some of the trainers I met with before, but they were in no mood for another defeat. Even the wild pokémon seemed to shy away from me, a bit to my disappointment.

The pokénav rang and I once again answered before checking who it was.

– Hi Korsu! It’s Lola! How’ve you been? I’m still enjoying the beach and the battles it provides. I had a battle yesterday and I won! It’s fantastic!

I congratulated her on her success.

– And it’s all thanks to you. I learned a lot from our battle and I’m putting it to good use. It won’t be long until I am able to challenge and beat you!


I said I was looking forward to it.

– Ok I’ll call you when I’m ready. So you better be getting stronger as well. Good luck on you travels!

She hung up and it was only then that I was able to place the sweet little voice. It was one of the girls I had battled on the beach in Slateport.


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