Rinse and repeat

I was back in no time. I could see the dirt patch where I had planted a berry, there was an old man wandering about, lost, the same one as yesterday. The rock I had fought yesterday was also there, fishing quietly.

I made my way past them, careful not to disturb the wandering elder. This was particulary difficult due to his movements being too erratic. A troublesome task for sure and it only took me ten minutes to finish it… and almost headbutt a guy that was standing nearby.

He was just standing there, looking at me, didn’t even budge from me almost trampling him.

– Wow kid! You got some sick moves kid! And you know your place. You know not to disturb that elder. Well played kid. You almost looked like you were dancing with him.

I nodded and moved past him, only to be blocked.


– You sure can move kid, and I bet you got some strong pokémon with you.

I tried my best to be polite, while avoiding his presence and moving along. He didn’t facilitate the process and kept blocking me.

– This road is the best isn’t it? So much to see, so many trainers to battle. Not to mention the scenery, This whole area provides the best view. Especially with the cycling road, now that is a beauty.

I once again tried to move past him.

– You are an energetic kid aren’t you? You should go on the road and see the view from up there, I know I would like to, but of course you need a bicycle for that and I don’t have one. You have one? No, of course not, otherwise you’d be using the road above.

I excused myself… loudly, and finally managed to move past him.

I moved fast and easy, and could still hear him prattling on, repeating information to any travellers.

I could swear I could still hear him after I was out of earshot, or maybe it was his voice that got drilled into my ears.


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