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The houses looked neat, the streets were spotless and the air was scented. This was not an ordinary town. Wooden fences and bright coloured walls everywhere and all the people I saw had the same pattern in clothing. White shirts and black pants.


One of them was leaning on the wall of the closest house and approached me as soon as I was considered to be within city limits.

His clothes were tightly pressed, his hair was slick and his small glasses were spotless. For all his presentation, this man did not look welcoming or nice.

He didn’t even say hello.

– Hi, have you been checking out TVs? They put on shows that are quite nice, that show us the latest fashion and norm.

I tried to introduce myself but he cut me off.

– That’s why I think you should check out TVs whenever you can. They can be a true compass for those that are at a loss.

He took a long look at me, from head to toe.

– Hope you get a chance to check those shows out.


Not once did he stop smiling. His teeth seemed to have been carved out of pure white ivory and were perfectly lined up.

He turned around, smoothly, and then went back to his previous place, leaning against the house.

The conversation, if it could be called that, ended on the same note as it started, no hellos or goodbyes.


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