Loot or litter

I came back onto the street, the white, immaculate road with well kept grass on the side.

There were no footprints at all, almost as if my steps had been cleaned as soon as I went inside.

The man that had encouraged me to watch tv remained on the same spot. If he had been the responsible party, I had no idea of how he did it.


I looked at my soles to check if I had wiped them properly on the doormat. I then took a few steps, and breathed in relief as my tracks were nowhere to be seen.

This was a city where I didn’t want to stand out, as that would surely provide more uncomfortable moments and I already had my fill.

The street was a dead end, with forest on one side and a branching street on the other. The urban limit was a wooden fence, after which the forest grew freely.

Something caught my eye through the fence, something shining. I circled around the fence near the dead end and went to see what it was that was shining, probably an item.

Turns out I was right. It was an item, one the pokénav identified as an X Speed.


I picked it up and went back to the street, rechecking my soles for dirt. All through that I couldn’t help but notice that on the other side of the fence, items littered the floor. Some were broken, while others wre clearly ancient, and I could not find another funtcional one.

For a city so focused on maintenance and cleanliness, they lacked severely in the nature department.


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