Healing is essential

I was about to head down the road, the one that branched off into what I assumed to be the main part of town.

– You should not venture into the wild so carelessly.

The voice came from my right, from a man that was just walking about. A black tie and pants. white shirt man. If I didn’t know better I could swear it was the same man I had encountered before. The only main difference was the light stubble on his chin.

– The fence is there for a reason. There are many dangers outside and I’m not just talking about pokémon.

I thanked him for his concern but assured him I was quite capable of taking care of myself.

– You are only capable as your companions, both the living and inanimate, and they are only able to perform at full capacity if you are also at your best… and that means being careful.


It was a that time that I started to lose my patience. Ever since I had entered this town I had been greeted by nothing except weird comments and unwanted advices.

I took a deep breath and excused myself.

– Ignoring that which is essential will not benefit you in the least. Care is esential. The fire in you earns for action. I know it and you know, it’s cool to have pokémon battles and stuff… but if your pokémon gets hurt, you have to nurse it back to health.

I assured him I knew of pokécenters and how to make use of them.

– The mind and body are connected, and rarely one needs mending without the other.

I asked him if he was calling me insane.

– The basics keep one centered. Safety maintains peace, order creates it. Learn the order, follow it, and you are able to center yourself.


I paused a bit and then asked if this was all about crossing the fence, if I had broken a law.

– The order is all around, the fence secures part of it. You have recognized it and now you know how to obey it.

It was about the fence… I thanked him for this information and started to walk away slowly, worried that he might start up again. He didn’t. He just took a few steps to the left and the stood there, humming some unknown tune.

I missed being back in Slateport.


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