Stay healthy

The main street wasn’t that far off. Just a small stroll down the branching one from the dead end.

There weren’t too many people walking around and those that were looked like they came out of an assembly line. All of them were black and white, some with glasses, some with ties, some with hats but no matter the combination, not a speck of dirt, no stain could be seen.

But the most impressive aspect of it all was not the robotic people or their clothing. The only thing that caught my eye was the street itself. For all the people walking about, not a single footstep could be seen, the street was almost as clean as the people themselves, if not more.

I double checked my trail, making sure I wasn’t leaving any dirt behind me, that I wasn’t disturbing this peaceful town.


The pokécenter was close by and I could see a steady stream of people entering and exiting the building.

The door opened and I got hit with the heat, not that it was cold outside but the temperature inside was very high in comparison. Behind the heat, almost like a second wave, came the overwhelming smell of ether, that almost made me pass out.

I walked very slowly, taking shallow breaths while getting used to the smell and sure enough, the dizziness wore off after a few minutes.

There was a table to my right and I headed towards it, aiming for a bench to sit down.

– You don’t look so good. You should rest a bit by the table. It will calm your nerves, your spirit, and you will soon be able to move freely again.

The lady talking to me had been sitting at the table and was now blocking my path.

– Here let me help you.

She held my hand and sat me down. I thanked her.

– There is no need to thank me. You were clearly unwell and I merely aimed to help.

The room was spinning and I struggled to control my breathing.

– Breathe slowly young one. You are fighting against the purified air. You need to let it in, only then can it heal you.

My breaths got deeper and I thought I was going to faint, but then it stopped. The air seemed to become easier to breathe.

– That’s it. Breathe. You new ones always put up a fight and there is no reason for it. The air is good for you.

I thanked her for her assistance once more.

– You are a peculiar one. I already told you there is no need for that, order has not been broken, further apologizing will not be conductive of proper structure.

I looked at her in desbelief, wondering if she was kidding or not.

– One needs to obey structure if one aims to be healthy in all aspects of life.

She was not kidding.

– The purified air for example, it does wonders when it comes to healing, but prolonged exposure is not advised and can cause severe addiction, that is why our nurse wears a mask.


Nurse Joy was indeed wearing a mask, the only person in this room doing so.

– However, not all heed the warning, especially the new ones, like that man over there. You should take him as an example. He says weird things and is funny in a weird way, but don’t take him too seriously. His body may be calm but his mind is chaos in its purest form. Not that it was peaceful when he first entered here but a few days later the purified air took root and unhinged the rest of his thoughts. Now he just stands there, talking and singing. I doubt I’ll forget about him! You shouldn’t either.

I tried to see the man but couldn’t raise my head yet.

– You rest a little more. You’ll be up in no time.

She started to walk away from me, towards the door.

– I must not overstay my welcome and must depart. Remember to keep breathing, remain calm, keep your mind focused and you should be up in no time. Have a pleasant day.

I raised my head long enough to see her leave the building but had to face the floor again. My head was not yet ready to be upright.


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