Trend track

After a few minutes, my head finally slowed down enough for me to stand up.

– It seems you are able to stand now.

There was another woman in front of me, very similar to the one that had helped me a little while ago.

– You make sure to enjoy your time here but don’t overextend your stay.

She talked as if she had been with me the whole time, as if she knew me. I didn’t know her.


She helped me up and made sure I could stand on my own.

– There you go young one. Now move along.

The woman sat down by the table, where the previous one had been.

I walked towards the counter, to register and heal my pokémon… and almost walked the whole way without being intercepted by another member of this society.

A girl in a very tight black skirt and tight white shirt approached me.

– Hello, may I interact with you while you wait for your turn?

Her movements were deliberate, her voice atonal but her hair, her hair was wild, untamed and didn’t seem to belong to her.

I had no way to avoid her.

– Our center, unlike others, provides excellency in matters of health, both mental and physical, pokémon and human. Our services also include valuable information hubs which present essential guides for every single one of our residents both on local and global facts.


I was down to one person in front of me.

– You can access our record corner and view data on any of our partner cities. From current events to available pokémon and even fashion trends, you can see it all. For example, I’ve seen the latest trend in Dewford, it changed not a week ago and the data got updated.

It was finally my turn and I was about to excuse myself from talking with this woman.

– You are next in line. I’ll leave you to it. Your recovery is most important and must not be disturbed.

She left me alone. I just hoped the nurse wasn’t an adept of this towns philosophy.


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