Interior melody


I gave my pokémon to nurse Joy and asked for a room to rest for the night. I didn’t want to stay in this town longer than necessary, but I also didn’t want to go all the way back to Slateport to rest up.

The nurse returned my attack force after it was properly healed up and I moved away from the counter while putting my pokémon away.

I took extra care in moving to the opposite side from where I had been previously approached by locals. I did not care to be lectured again.


There was a small round man sitting in one of the benches to the left of the counter. He was not like all the others, especially when it came to his hair. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed it sooner. The pratically bald head with several green spikes.

He sat with his legs crossed and gently swayed back and forth while looking at me through his thick black rimmed glasses.

I smiled at him and he smiled back.

– Come here. I have valuable information for you.

His voice was barely audible, but I could still make out the words.

I moved closer and introduced myself.

– Hi! I’m the bard. Would you like to hear my song? It’s ever so lovely, yes it is. Won’t you please listen to it. I’ve been working on it night and day. The words form in my head and I give them sound and rythm. Well of course I do, that’s why I’m the bard. I make music! Music I tell you! And some of it can even be sung. Like my latest song, won’t you please listen to it? It’s ever so lovely, yes it is, but I’m none too happy about the lyrics. The word didn’t come out quite right. Won’t you please help me? Contribute something. Please!

I didn’t know if I should say something, wait for him to continue or just leave.

– Please help the bard! He’s ever so close to achieving his dream. He just needs a few words, he does. A few words and he’ll be all set, he will.


Was he referring to himself in the third person now?

– Help, don’t help… just make up your mind. I’m a busy man you see? I have lost, lots… lost? What have I lost? Did I loose something? Somewhere? What was it? I’m searching for something. Do you know what it is? Can you help me find it? I can’t seem to remember what it was… but I know it. It is on the tip of my tongue. It’s a big word… or is it a set of words? Words. That’s it! I’m searching for words. Won’t you help me please? Here, you choose from this list.

He gave me a crumbled paper where there was an extensive list of words. Some were crossed over, others were unintelligible, and from those I could read, I chose three at random.

– Perfect! That’s just perfect! Let me try those out.

His demeanour changed drastically as he straightened up and started singing in one of the most beautiful voices I had ever heard. The hair on my nape stood up as it made me recall opera singers.


The song itself was nonsense or at least I could not make out the words entirely, but the music itself was enchanting.

He finished after a few minutes and silence reigned on the floor. I could tell everyone had been listening attently.

His posture changed again as he resumed his wide smile.

– Okay! That’s it, then. I’ll sing this for a while. Thank you for your input. Thank you very much. I would have never thought of including those words. Who would have thought shake, diet and dance would be the missing pieces? You are a true friend aren’t you? You head on out now. You don’t want to be here too long or you start to forget… forget what? What was I forgetting? Words. That’s it! You forget those things that you use to make phrases. Those things you say. What were they called again?

I said “words” to him.


– What? No, that doesn’t sound right. What does that even mean? And who are you anyway? Are you new? Have you come to help me with my music? Help bard with his music please. Choose forms for it and add new somethings. He could always use new somethings in the song.

I said I was sorry but I had to go, and I left him. Truth is, the man scared me and I wanted to get out of the center as soon as possible.

I could hear him humming the melody.


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